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Lacuna Coil Google Theme! [26 Apr 2009|08:07pm]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.
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[29 Jan 2009|05:32pm]

[ mood | cold ]

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If this isn't LC elite, I don't know what is...:P [20 Aug 2008|12:16pm]

My Lacuna Coil tattoo!Collapse )

On the back of my neck.

Got it done yesterday. The picture was taken RIGHT after it was done, so obviously it's still healing, but I still love it lots :) The lines are actually not bumpy at all, though it kind of looks that way in the pic. The guy did a fantastic job! I've been wanting this tattoo for 3-4 years now, so I'm glad I finally just went and did it. It was my graduation present to myself.
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[08 Jun 2008|12:02am]

1. How long have you been a fan?
I have been a fan since around 2005.

2. Please explain how you "discovered" the band:
A friend of mine really liked them so I decided to give them a listen. The first song I ever heard was Daylight Dancer. From there I progressively acquired more and more of their music.

3. Favorite LC Song(s):
If I had to pick one...it would be Tight Rope.

4. Which LC Albums Do You Own?
Comalies, In A Reverie, Unleashed Memories, Karmacode. I'd like to get more, sometime, hopefully if I make some extra money I can just go ahead and get everything by them that I've been wanting.

5. Why do you like LC?
I don't know if it's good or bad but, I can remember back a few years to when some pretty important things happened to me, and I can clearly remember listening to LC through all of them. Even today, things aren't the best, but I've always got Lacuna Coil to listen to.

6. Have you seen LC in concert?
Never...I live in the UP of Michigan and they don't normally travel here :)

7. In your own words, define LC's sound:
Hmmm...moody, aggressive metal with a soft side (that'd be Cristina)

8. Other Favorite Bands :
I'm pretty eclectic so...Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, Muse, Joydrop, some electronica/house.

9. Bands You Dislike :
I have a hard time seriously disliking any type of music. I guess I'm not too hardcore on some of the newer alternative that's put out these days, with many of the lead singers whining.

10. Why should you be here?
I listen to LC more than any other band. They fit into my life with whatever I'm dealing with, sometimes more than others.

11. Geographical location? Marquette, MI

12. Got a name? Sarah
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Application [26 May 2008|01:45am]


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Curious... [12 May 2007|04:08am]

Hey, does anyone post here anymore, or is this place a complete ghost town now?

I guess you'd say this is sort of my attempt to get some conversation going on here, but I don't think it will work anyways. But here it goes...

The thing that gets me is that it seems the previous fans started to dislike Lacuna Coil after more people started knowing them. Does that really make them bad musicians? I really don't think so. I think it's sad that a fan would just ditch one of their favorite bands after that, and think they suck after.

I don't know, to me it just seems sort of sad... people disliking a band just because of one album that wasn't up to their standard. I honestly don't like Karmacode as much as LC's previous stuff... but I still appreciate it. You have to realize that musicians are artists too, and as an artist you always want to change. (I understand this since I am an artist myself). You want to grow, experiment with new things, and push yourself outside of your boundaries. Just think how boring it would be to create the same paintings over and over... it's not really challenging anymore. It gets redundant and boring... and you lose inspiration. It sort of works that way for music.

So I guess in a way I'm trying to stick up for Lacuna Coil... because I still respect them as musicians, and people. And I still think they are as talented as ever. No matter what they put out, I think I will always like it somehow. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's sad that it seems no one else feels this way. I have no idea... if you have some input I'd like to know what you think. And this post wasn't intended to be some guilt trip or something. If you dislike them now that's fine... I'm just sort of trying to put all of this into a different perspective because I don't think anyone has brought this up before. Plus I'm trying to get some discussion. It is a bit odd to just see a bunch of fans vanish for unknown reasons.

Thank you if you actually read this. :)
And please do respond if you feel inclined.
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Newcommer [15 Jan 2007|11:29pm]

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Newbie! [06 Sep 2006|12:57pm]

[ mood | blank ]

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[28 Jul 2006|02:19pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I changed my username from theladyvelvet to this new one..
But I havent posted in here in awhile and will fill out a new application if you think I should.


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Application [22 Jul 2006|11:35am]

[ mood | anxious ]

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[17 Jul 2006|04:52pm]

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My Application. [26 Jun 2006|03:33pm]

[ mood | okay ]

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My Application [25 May 2006|12:28am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

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Link To LC's Performance On Kimmel [12 May 2006|06:14pm]

If you missed LC on ABC a few nights ago, here's a link to their performance:

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LC On Jimmy Kimmel [12 May 2006|08:53am]

Did anyone else see LC perform on ABC? It aired at 12:05 about.. two nights ago, I believe. The show is called Jimmy Kimmel. They performed outside on a stage with people who probably had no idea who they were. Not a lot of movement going on out there... Cristina looks different to me, I don't know what it is. Hmm...
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[08 May 2006|10:18pm]
Anyone ever hear of a band called Lacuna Coil?

Kinda hard not to these days.
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Join the LC Streeteam! [20 Apr 2006|09:26am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey Lacuna Coilers! Just passing by to tell you to join the Lacuna Coil Streeteam! Support the band you love!

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[11 Apr 2006|09:21pm]
[ mood | good ]

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New England Metal and Hardcore Festival [04 Apr 2006|08:35pm]

[ mood | *pondering* ]

Hey I was wondering if any of you guys were going to see LC at the NEMHF on 4/28 in Worcester, MA. I'm thinking about it, but I'm also flying down to Florida for two festivals (Saturday and Sunday), one of which LC is playing and would have to leave the fest right after Lacuna's set to catch my flight there. It'd sway me more toward hitting up the show if I knew of other people going.

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karmacode [02 Apr 2006|02:54pm]

you know what, as much as i hate to say it...
karmacode, the whole album, is good but it's also incredibly mainstream...it seems lacuna still keeps their trademark sound, but evolves with every album to meet the demands of the hot topic generation...i still love lc, dont get me wrong...but i have karmacode and i gotta say...when you get it on tuesday, dont expect them to swing back to their 'in a reverie' state...cause it's not gonna happen
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